Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog!

newborn photography ct | beckham 12 days | brookfield

Beckham was just the cutest 12 day old newborn boy when he came to my studio. Mom had her maternity session a few weeks prior when she was 36 weeks pregnant. I loved seeing her again and getting to meet the rest of her family, including her newest addition! Beckham was wide awake in the beginning of his newborn photography session. His eyes are so big and he loved to stare at me. His big brother was just as adorable and was so great with his new little brother.

Newborn sessions typically take place when baby is between 6 – 16 days new. Beckham was 12 days at the time of his session. It’s one of my favorite ages to photograph little ones. They are more used to being out of the womb and touched, but still so sleepy.

Beckham 12 days | Newborn Photography CT

There is nothing like the bond of brothers. This reminds me of when my 2nd son was born. My oldest just loved to hold him and they were so cute together. While they have moments of fighting now, they love to play with each other and have all the same interests. These boys are so lucky to have each other!

newborn photography photo of toddler brother holding new baby brother on bednewborn family photography photo. Family of 4 on bed with toddler brother and newborn baby. parent and newborn posing photo. Mom holding newborn boy. dad and newborn photo. Dad holding newborn boy to his chest.

Newborn Photography | Favorite Vendors

A few of my favorite vendors used in Beckham’s newborn session:

wraps: Dolly Priss
backdrops: Roses and Ruffles
newborn outfit: Moonlight Little Knits

newborn boy on blue backdrop in adorable light blue romper photo. Newborn photography CT. newborn photography. Baby boy in green wrap with knot on tan backdrop. newborn photography. Awake newborn boy photo in cream wrap on top of crate. Cream wood floor.

Session colors

When mom came in for her maternity session, we looked over my newborn photography props. I have so many colors to choose from and so many different shades. I love for each of my sessions to be unique and to match the style of the nursery or home. Mom wanted to use mostly blues, green, and tan. We also used a little bit of gray. I love mix and matching the colors for everything to flow and look great together.

newborn photography. Baby boy wrapped in light blue on dark blue rug photo. newborn boy wrapped in cream on white bed photo with blue pillows. Newborn photography. Newborn Photography posing. Sleeping newborn boy on dark blue backdrop with leg tucked under.


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