Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog!

danbury baby boy | ct photographer | carson 6 months

Carson is such an adorable Danbury baby boy! He came to my studio for his 6 month milestone session. Baby Carson wasn’t quite sitting on his own yet, but he loved to roll over.. a lot.. and had the cutest little grin.

Danbury Baby Boy: Carson 6 months

Carson’s mom and dad brought a silver car as a prop. Mom had told me about it before the session and I was really excited to see it! They had used it with other photos of Carson and wanted to incorporate it into his 6 month session as well. I had a new backdrop from LemonDrop Shop that I was dying to use and it went perfectly with the car and Carson’s outfit. It was my favorite set up and I just love the way it turned out!

6 month baby  boy photo session. gray and navy with gray car. danbury baby boybaby boy 6 months about to roll over during photo session. danbury baby boylight blue, overalls, and gray backdrop photo of 6 month danbury baby boy

^ Look at that smirk! Isn’t he just too cute?

Props & Outfits

Since Carson wasn’t quite sitting on his own, using this crate came in handy! Carson loved playing with the handle and he had enough support to sit up. I just love the little bit of drool in the second photo!

I love that mom had him in overalls for the first part of the session. I think they are just the cutest on baby boys. My boys had a ton of overalls when they were little!

6 month boy sitting in crate. danbury baby boyclose up of baby boy sitting in crate photo

6 month cutie

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I LOVE 6 month olds. It’s one of my favorite ages.. (really anything between newborn – 8 months is my favorite. I just love, love, love the little ones!) Wait, where was I? Oh yes, my favorite age. The smiles, the eye contact, the personality. I love it all!

One of my new favorite set ups is the bed. I even made the pillow covers so I can switch things up. I’m going to have to make soon more!

photo of 6 month baby boy laying on bed. danbury baby boybaby boy in blue on white bed set up  photo. danbury baby boy

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