Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog!

Danbury CT Newborn | Christopher 3 weeks new | Connecticut

Christopher was 3 weeks new for his Danbury CT newborn photography session. I am still in awe that this is my career. Getting to snuggle and pose newborns. It really doesn’t get better than this.

3 week old newborn boy posed for a newborn photography session in danbury ct. He is wrapped in blue with his toes peeking out and is laying on a blue backdrop. danbury ct newborn

Newborn Photography

Photography is something I kind of fell into after having my first child. While I always enjoyed photography, it was with a polaroid camera, or point and shoot. I did yearbook in high school, but that was more about layouts and putting together a yearbook than the photograph aspect. Although, I did loving to have the excuse of having to leave class because I had to take photos for the yearbook.

It wasn’t until after I was married that I got my first DSLR camera, and until I had my first child, I used it just the same as any other point and shoot camera. I did not know it’s capabilities or how to properly use it.

Danbury CT newborn boy photography session. Baby boy is wrapped in white and on a white flokati

Learning how to use my camera gave me this huge opportunity that I’ll always be grateful for. It has allowed me to have a flexible work schedule while being home when my kids were little. It has given me this creative outlet that I didn’t know I needed. Best of all, it has brought me to meet all these amazing parents and their little ones.

mom holding newborn boy who is swaddled in a white blanket. She looks down at him.
Dad is wearing a blue shirt and is holding his newborn son facing out against his chest. His head leans down and he is kissing his son and the forehead.
new mom and dad holding their newborn son. They are both looking down at the camera. He is wrapped in a white swaddle.
new mom and dad holding their newborn son. They are both looking down at him. He is wrapped in a white swaddle. newborn photography
Newborn boy is wrapped in white and is posed carefully in a white box crate with a white wood floor. ct newborn

It is always such an honor when some choses me to capture these early moments in their little ones life.

Newborn boy is wrapped in gray with his fingers peeking out. He is sleeping and is posed on a gray flokati. ct newborn located in danbury

CT Newborn Photographer

The recommended time to book your newborn photo session is during your pregnancy. I take a limited number of sessions a month so pre-booking will guarantee availability. Now booking 2024 due dates! Sessions take place 6 – 16 days after birth so it is best to book early and get penciled in. The actual date of the session will be scheduled once your little one arrives.

While the studio is all set up, you can relax while your precious baby is taken care of. I will change diapers, soothe your baby to sleep while I gently pose them.

Looking for more information? To book a session, fill out the contact form. I will then send you all the details about my newborn sessions. If you choose to book, it can all be done online!

Thank you for viewing this adorable Danbury CT Newborn. Take a look at our FB page for sneak peeks.

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