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Welcome to the blog!

3 newborn photography poses i love | ct newborn photography

There are so many different newborn photography poses and I love so many of them. I thought it would be fun to do a post on 3 newborn photography poses I love. I *almost* named it my top 3… but then I had a really hard time coming up with my top 3. I love so many different poses, and all for different reasons.

Some babies prefer a certain pose and go into it easier than others. I never want to force a baby into a pose that he or she is not comfortable with. I love being able to give parents these adorable photos of their newborns, but the little one is my main concern. If they are obviously not liking a certain pose, I know it’s time to move on and try another. That’s why it’s hard to name a top 3 favorite, as every baby is different. Each session I have with a newborn I come out loving a particular pose or two. These sessions are all unique from the colors, props, poses, and the personality of the little one. Yes, babies less than 2 weeks old have personalities. It’s crazy to see, and I love when they come back at 6 months or a year. Many times I’m not surprised by their personalities that they grew into. Amazing that someone so small can have such a big personality that sticks with them as they grow.

3 Newborn Photography Poses I Love

As I mentioned before, I just can’t call them my top 3 poses. These are ones that I’ve fallen more in love with the past several months of newborns. I’m sure there will be another post in the future about poses I love, and they will all be different! So, in no particular order (since I can’t call them my top 3, obviously I can’t even pick the top 1!)

  1. Taco Pose (isn’t that a silly name for a newborn photography pose?)
  2. Snuggle/Side lying (I think technically they are two different poses, but some babies can’t snuggle in quite as much)
  3. Back pose (I have been working on perfecting this one because I love it so much!)

1. Taco Pose

Maybe I don’t eat tacos enough, but I don’t understand why it’s called the taco pose. Anyway, that’s the “official” name of this pose. Mostly what I do is called a modified taco pose. Some babies can curl in more for taco, and others need to stretch out a little more. The first image is a full taco, and the rest modified. Either way, I love the taco pose with their little toes showing. Baby toes are just the cutest.. unless you ask the guy that reviewed my website on a page I submitted it to. He did NOT like baby feet! That’s a whole different story though. The taco pose is great because you can see their face, hands, and toes. Just so many adorable features all in one photo.

baby boy taco pose newborn photography poses

taco newborn photography poses baby girl

newborn girl in taco pose with wrap. newborn photography poses. baby girl newborn photography poses tacomodified taco with wrap. newborn photography poses

2. Snuggle/side lying

Some babies like snuggle. Some like side lying. Some like neither (what happened to I before E except after C?) I do these poses separately, but I’m grouping them together for this post. The snuggle pose is similar to side lying except the knees and elbows are closer. Some babies like it. Others do not. Either way, they look so sweet all cuddled up. You have to remember that this little newborn just spent 9 months in a small space. He or she is so flexible and loves snugglings.

snuggle pose. newborn photography poses. navy baby boyadorable baby boy newborn snuggle newborn photography posesnewborn photography poses baby girl graybaby girl lavender bonnet newborn photography posespink newborn girl newborn photography poses

3. Back Pose

I’m horrible with the official names of newborn photography poses. But yes, they have official names. I call this one the back pose because baby is on their back. Sometimes they’re in an outfit. Sometimes they are wrapped. Sometimes they are just naked.

I like color. I like accessories like headband and wraps. I also like plain and simple. My goal is always go with the parents’ color and style to come up with unique and amazing newborn images for them. I especially love the variety I can get with the back pose. It can be done all certain ways and is always so cute! The relaxed look is my favorite. And oh my goodness.. the yawns. Oh, how I love baby yawns!

awake newborn boy on back. newborn photography poses. pink wrap and newborn girl. newborn photography posesbaby boy on back newborn photography poses. cute boy romper!girl back pose wrapped. newborn photography posesnewborn photography poses. baby girl on back in outfit during newborn photography sessionnewborn photography poses. newborn girl yawning. back pose.

I hope you enjoyed 3 of my favorite newborn photography poses. Leave a comment and tell me which one is your favorite and why!

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