Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog!

ct baptism photos | baby photography | teagan 6 weeks

Miss Teagan came to my studio for her CT Baptism photos when she was just 6 weeks. I had seen her for newborn photos several weeks prior. She still had fabulous hair and was cute as ever. I am so glad that I am FINALLY able to share these. Mom and Dad were waiting until after her Baptism to share photos. I might have been impatiently waiting because I loved the images so much :). I had a few different set ups but wasn’t sure how it was going to go with Teagan being 6 weeks. They are more alert at that age than the first couple of weeks when you can get the sleepy newborn images, but you can’t quite guarantee smiley eye contact photos. Well Teagan did not disappoint. She fell asleep. AND she let me move her, all while still sleeping. Amazing! At the end she woke up. Gave me some eye contact and smiles. I really couldn’t have asked for a better 6 week old baby photography session. I’m also very lucky that this cutie lives just a few houses down from me. At a dinner party I got to love her and she fell asleep. Just love this little girl!

CT Baptism Photos: Teagan 6 weeks

baby girl in baptism gown. 6 week baby. CT baptism photos.

Tegan’s beautiful embroidery on her Baptism gown was done by her Grandma. It just looks amazing and I love the touches of blue. For those that know me, know how much I love blue and baby girls! It was a great surprise to be able to use some blue for her Baptism photos.

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Baby Photography

Milestone sessions are a great way to get some updated photos of your baby. They are perfect for Baptism milestones, or milestones such as sitting or a particular age. My newborn clients will be happy to hear that I have a great special just for them! I always love seeing “my” babies grow the first year.

6 week baby photography. CT baptism photos. yawning 6 week old girl in baptism gown. CT baptism photos. awake 6 week old baby photography. CT baptism photos.

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For more information on booking CT Baptism photos or a baby photography session contact Heather.

Heather’s studio is located in Newtown, CT where she holds newborn, baby, and maternity photography sessions. It is recommended to book 1-2 months in advance to guarantee availability.

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