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Welcome to the blog!

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I am very excited to be featuring Selena from Selena Stoney Photography today on my blog. She is going to be sharing some information on her general newborn session flow and what to expect from a newborn session. She has a studio located in beautiful Charleston, SC where she does all of her newborn work and loves to use the historic Charleston area as a backdrop for her maternity sessions.

You can keep up with all of her latest sessions on her Facebook page and if you are on Google+ feel free to follow her there too. She also has a Pinterest page where she pins all kinds of fun inspiration.


So you have booked your newborn session (hopefully sometime in your 2nd to early 3rd trimester as most newborn photographers book up fairly quickly) and now you are wondering what to expect. Well here is a little breakdown of how one of my sessions flows and what in general to expect at a newborn session. From here on out I am going to be talking from my perspective but I am pretty sure at least some newborn photographers would agree with the majority of it.


The general newborn session can last on average 2-4 hours for an in studio session. I provide all of the cute newborn hats, headbands, props and blankets/wraps. I also can incorporate any special or sentimental items into the session, but please let me know ahead of time so I can have matching colors and items ready and waiting.

The room that I photograph your baby in (my home studio) will be very warm, 80 degrees or more, so keep that in mind when dressing for your session. The babies need it as warm as possible to stay sleepy and comfortable.


What to bring to your session: You need to bring the following to the session: a pacifier (even if your child does not take one), an extra shirt or change of clothes for yourself (in the event of an accident…and trust me…they DO happen!), any sentimental things you would like in their portraits i.e.: crocheted blanket, hat, stuffed animal, daddy’s boots, etc. I provide everything else you will need!


I am pro baby feeding, so please just make sure you have bottles/breasts and or whatever you are comfortable feeding them. I ask that if possible feed them once you arrive to your session. A full baby is a sleepy baby and that can make my job a bit easier. I have a private studio so you can feed in peace once you arrive. If at all possible keeping them awake 1 hour or so before the session is great, so they are good and tired for the session, but I understand that is not always possible.  I also take breaks during the session if the baby needs to eat.


It is best to dress your baby in loose fitting clothes, as it is less likely to wake them when I go to undress them for the session. Extra blankets instead of extra layers of clothes would be ideal if it is cold outside.

I am very laid back (well I like to think I am) and aim to make the session fun but also get those beautiful shots. I have water, coffee and drinks for the family and if you have older children I have a 4 and 1 year old they are welcomed to play with until it is time for sibling shots.


Feel free to bring your laptop, cell phone, iPad, etc. I will offer you my wireless code so you can browse the web, Facebook, or anything else that you would like to do. I invite you (and dad) to sit back, relax, and let me handle the session (I may use dad as a spotter for a few shots if possible thought!). You will be able to see your newborn during the entire session, so no worries!

My normal newborn session flow is start with the baby wrapped (as this tends to calm them and get them good and sleepy) on the beanbag and I generally have an outfit, pants or a diaper cover, on under the wrap. This makes it easy to transition to another pose by just unwrapping them from the swaddle. Then once we have gotten those shots I move to “birthday suit” on the beanbag shots. I use 1-2 different blanket set up on the beanbag for each baby. Then it is on to a basket or bucket set up. I use a variety of headbands, hats and backdrops so there is lots of variety once they are comfy in the basket. I generally also try to get 2 different setups with a different basket or bucket. Then it is time for siblings and or parents if they have chosen to do family shots.


Safety is my NUMBER ONE priority! No shot is worth putting your child in danger. Be assured that I have been trained, and I understand how a newborn bends, moves, and acts. I will never ever force your baby into a position that is uncomfortable or harmful. NEVER!


Will they cry? Yes. Don’t panic. You’d cry too if you were sleeping soundly and someone woke you up to put you in a basket or tried to move your hands or feet. You can sit back and rest assured that I will take the UTMOST care of your newborn.

Also poop and or pee WILL happen, on me, on my props, on wraps and blankets. It is normal and I expect it. Everything I use is washable and I have plenty of variety for this reason! So don’t worry I am pretty sure it is not a good newborn session.


I hope this gave you a little insight into what to expect at your next newborn session.


Thank you so much to Selena of Selena Stoney Photography for being a guest blogger and explaining what goes into your newborn session!

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